Need 21 Ways To Double Your Website Revenue?

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Burning Questions

Are you a marketeer, CEO or director looking for ways to increase the revenue of your website? With so much competition on the internet, it’s hard to determine which marketing strategies are worth investing in. We have compiled 21 tested methods and tips that you can use to double your website’s revenue, encompassing CRO, SEO and all aspects of promotion including web design and UX (User Experience). Let us show you how our creative approach can help make a dramatic impact on your bottom line!

Grow website revenue and traffic with holistic marketing strategies

Need 21 Ways To Double Your Website Revenue?

Attracting more website visitors doesn’t have to be a complex web of guessing and testing. With the right combination of design, UX, UI and well-placed calls to action, you can create an intuitive user experience that brings the right people in. From there, promote your website in the right places at the right time, with smart partnerships, speed optimization and targeted promotion. With a holistic marketing strategy combining CRO, SEO and other technical elements – you’ll be giving yourself the best chances of success.

  • Relationship Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Socially Responsible Marketing
  • Performance Marketing

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Use promotional tactics to attract more visitors

Promotional tactics are an invaluable lead generation and direct marketing tools to attract more visitors. Utilize targeted messaging strategies to compose creative and impactful reiterations of your story – the mission, the brand, and the offerings. The use of promotional tactics with repeatable creatives to convey specific messages has become a keystone in successful lead generation. Crafting effective messages with an emotional appeal is key to any lead generation campaign and setting it into motion via these promotional tactics ensures that your tailored message is delivered directly to its intended audience.

Utilise conversion rate optimisation techniques to turn visitors into customers

Today, CRO is the art of combining scientific experiments with qualitative data to maximise website conversions. Utilising CRO techniques can empower businesses to get more out of their existing traffic, website revenue and enquiries. Building a CRO strategy should be a critical part of any marketing plan, beginning with careful analysis and experimentation through A/B tests and other experiments. Meanwhile quantitative data should be collected to measure the impact CRO is having on converting visitors into customers. Ultimately, CRO techniques can help take an average performing website up a level or two, resulting in highly effective digital experiences that generate maximum ROI.

Implement search engine optimisation techniques to drive organic search traffic

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most impactful ways to grow website traffic, website revenue and enquiries. With keywords and link acquisition being two of several important strategies within SEO, focusing on internal links, metadata, tweaking keywords and deploying ongoing activations all play a key part in driving organic search traffic. Further, proper implementation of strategic keywords, focused content, backend optimisation and social media engagement can propel website visibility, resulting in an increase in organic search traffic and more online visibility for your business. Overall, with the right techniques and strategy, businesses can truly reach their previous unattainable goals.

Publish content faster to keep readers engaged and coming back for more

Keeping readers engaged and wanting more is a challenge. If you want to be able to publish content faster and better tailor it to different audiences, front-end editing, internationalisation, and smarter publishing workflows can help. You should also look into improved CMS solutions for better automation of publishing – no more waiting for the front-end development team to hit that ‘Publish’ button! Rest assured that all these strategies will get you on your way to growing website traffic, website revenue and enquires with CRO, SEO, technical, promotion, partnerships, strategy design UX and UI.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Mobile users account for over fifty percent of website traffic worldwide, so if you want to make the most of your website and grow both traffic and website revenue, you must ensure it is mobile friendly! A great way to do this is by optimising ‘First Contentful Paint’ – essentially focusing on how quickly your webpage renders, as this is a key element of the user experience. Additionally, looking at ‘Core Web Vitals’ – such as page loading speed and speed of interactivity – can help increase conversion rates significantly. Account for the mobile experience thoroughly by testing desktop and mobile render speeds frequently so that all customers have a smooth online browsing journey.

Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed

Making sure your audience can access your website quickly should be at the top of your list when planning development and improvements. Core Web Vitals, Longer Page Content (LPC), First Contentful Paint (FCP) and other benchmarks give you an insight into the performance of each web page so that you know exactly where to focus your efforts. Leveraging tools such as Lighthouse testing in Chrome DevTools, or PageSpeed Insights from Google, can help you identify slow loading asset files, render-blocking code, or poor server configurations that need optimization for better website performance. Streamline user experience for better engagement by improving loading speed in creative ways!

Use relevant keywords and phrases

Optimising keywords and phrases on your website can make all the difference when it comes to visibility in search engine results. Research keywords relevant to your business using tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic and/or Google Search Console. Ensure keywords are used consistently throughout your content and reflect what you wish to rank for. Including keywords in the titles, meta descriptions, headings and URLs of pages helps strengthen their relevancy and making them more likely to appear in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Additionally, optimise images with keywords that appear within the ALT text. These strategies are essential for any website looking to increase their traffic, website revenue and enquiries.

Improve Your Website’s Content

Content has become a key component of any successful online business today, as content marketing is a proven and effective means for companies to increase organic website traffic and enquires. In order to improve content, one must first create content fit for the relevant audience, or have content created from a content marketing agency or web agency. Next, taking extra time and focusing on long form content is another crucial step in order to increase engagement and traction with end-users. Researching current content trends to discover potential gaps in your content strategy will give you great insight when it comes to connecting with targeted audiences. The success of content today lies in being able to provide users with valuable and related content that stands out amongst the competition.

Craft your calls to action

Crafting a well-crafted call to action (CTA) is key when you are looking to increase website traffic, website revenue and enquiries. Make sure the CTA is actionable and offers your customers real value. Keep it snappy yet visible on your webpages. Additionally, don’t just settle for one CTA but be abundant; provide your readers with plenty of CTA opportunities during their journey through your website!

Segment key information with bullet points

Want to create visual and scan-read content that helps engage readers in your key information? Turn to bullet points! Providing lists, listicles and visual structure can make all the difference when it comes to getting website traffic, website revenue, and enquiries. Rather than huge slabs of text, break it down for your audience with clear bullets and points to keep people focused on the message you’re trying to get across. By segmenting key information with bullet points, you can show readers how much value your content has right away – as well as hold their attention, so they stick around until the end!

Include well-designed and written headlines

Headlines are the cornerstone of great content — they grab attention, entice viewers in and act as a summary to give readers a taste of what’s to come. H1 titles should be catchy, interesting and actionable– the best way to include well-designed and written headlines is to make sure they’re carefully crafted so that readers can quickly understand the topic. Doing this will not only help your website stand out from the competition but also increases visibility, boosts SEO rankings, and encourages users to take action.

Ensure consistent design

Getting design right is essential when planning user experience. User interface (UI) is the bridge between user action and online functionality, making it a vital part of user accessibility. Creating a consistent design across the user journey helps ensure that the user will find your website easily understandable and efficient to use. Making sure that this design remains user-centric and accessible should always be top priority – making the user experience clear, easy to understand, and enjoyable should be at the forefront of every decision. Design isn’t just meant to look pretty; it’s meant to provide users with an effective means of completing their desired tasks on your website quickly and easily. Ultimately, consistent design will provide users with a more pleasant experience resulting in greater ROI for you!

Use better navigation

If your website visitors can’t easily find information or complete tasks due to a lack of information architecture, then navigation should be the first area of your website to focus on. By adopting best practices in information architecture and improving navigation, you can make sure that information is presented in the simplest way possible with the fewest number of clicks. This not only makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, but it also ensures they have a great experience exploring your website that keeps them coming back for more. Good navigation is essential in ensuring taken users can find information easily and quickly — so if you want to make sure all of your hard work pays off, strong navigation should be at the heart of your strategy.

Don’t let 404s slip away – Catch them!

404s losses can equate to lost opportunities, customers, and website revenue. That’s why it’s vital to ensure 404s are addressed swiftly. Search Console sends reports of 404 errors monthly or weekly, so make sure you keep up with those reports and use them to your advantage! Redirect 404s to search results as soon as they pop up – a 404 page will have visitors fleeing, whereas redirecting curious customers to the right page helps them find exactly what they were looking for. Don’t let 404s slip away when there is an easy way to prevent them!

Optimize title tags and meta descriptions

Meta data is one of the most important pieces of optimization when it comes to growing website traffic, website revenue and enquires. Title tags and meta descriptions are used by search engine crawlers in order to determine the topic of a webpage and help guide click through rates. Writing effective title tags and meta descriptions that are relevant to the webpage content can ensure your pages show up higher in search results without any costly promotions or SEO strategies. Optimizing title tags and meta descriptions will not only help your page appear higher in search rankings, but also increase the likelihood that potential visitors will be interested in your webpages’ content.

Utilize images with precision to maximize the effectiveness

Images can be a powerful tool to capture the attention of potential customers. When used with precision, they can reinforce the message you are sending and engage your website visitors. To maximize their effectiveness remember to include alternative text for every image, so it helps screen readers and image search bots translate meaning. This little known SEO secret can have a big impact in improving your website’s visibility.  Utilizing images in this way helps you make the most of available resources and leverage the power of visuals to communicate effectively with your audience.

Optimise website’s carbon footprint

We live in an era where website hosting and accessibility can have a significant ecological footprint. To ensure that your website is having the least possible impact on its environment, consider optimising its carbon footprint; conduct some tests to check how efficiently it’s running, then implement any improvements necessary to reduce your website’s environmental impact. It takes little effort for a website to transition from being carbon neutral to becoming a green one. By taking these environmental considerations seriously, you can demonstrate your website’s commitment to sustainability and responsibility. Such actions will likely be welcomed by visitors, further boosting website traffic and website revenue.

Look for strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are a great way to increase traffic and website revenue on your website. By partnering with organisations who share the same goals, you can help each other grow through cross promotion. It’s also an opportunity to align both organisations’ business practices and resources to cultivate a successful partnership that boosts website traffic, website revenue and enquiries. If you’re looking for ways to grow online, strategic partnerships could be the key to success.

Add value for your visitors

Offering value to your website visitors doesn’t have to be a daunting task – the 20th way of growing website traffic, website revenue and enquires is to provide free reports or stats, thought leadership commentary and key insights. Such an approach not only targets increased organic traffic but helps build relationships with readers and encourages them to continually return for further updates, news and new perspectives. It’s also a great opportunity to use creative ideas and apply effective methods of communication in order to provide authentic content that helps reinforce trust between yourself, as the provider of information, and your audience.

Promote your content

Promoting your content can have huge payoffs for your website traffic, website revenue, and enquires. Get the most out of your content by advertising it on social media, searching for potential backlinks, asking partners from your promotion network to help advertise it, and using outreach techniques. In order to reach more people online, don’t be afraid to invest resources into promoting your content–all the effort you put in can result in greater success than ever before! Today, having an effective website is as crucial as ever. It’s no longer enough to just make content, put it online and see what happens. Your website needs to stand out against the competition in organic search results and convert visitors into customers. To do this, you need a comprehensive approach that covers CRO, SEO, technical aspects, promotion tactics, strategy considerations, design UX and UI. All of these aspects are crucial for boosting website traffic and transforming visitors into loyal customers. As your organization looks to grow their online presence and increase online leads it is imperative to adhere to these 21 steps that should be implemented systematically. Now is the time to take advantage of these strategies and reap the rewards while better engaging with your site users and creating measurable business objectives. So don’t put off the inevitable—start boosting website traffic today! Is your web agency doing at least 3 of these things? Well, start today!

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