Our comprehensive DSITM integration process (Discover > Scope > Implement > Test > Monitor) allows us to integrate the likes of Dynamics 365, Business Central, GP and many more widely available CRM, ERP or bespoke systems.

Helping You Connect The Dots…

Here are a few of the most popular platforms we work with, part of our extensive platform competence matrix:

Connect and grow your business through a comprehensive smart consultation and integration plan. We helped numerous business establish a bidirectional flow of data and inventory between their website and the likes of  Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, GP and many other CRM and ERP platforms, encompassing all-in-one business management solution.

Our integrations allow your business to thrive by turning multiple disconnected systems into one.

Saving you time and money by boosting efficiency and introducing automated tasks and workflows. You can now streamline and manage your finance, supply chain, manufacturing, sales and operations, all interconnected with your website in the cloud.