Website SEcurity

Your business website is in safe hands with our tried and tested security protocols.

Proactive Online Threat Prevention

You can sleep safe knowing your site and project are under constant supervision of our expert team and automated monitoring.
Our protocols designed specifically for hosting mission-critical websites based on open-source application such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento and many more aims to mitigate any threat to your site. We pride ourselves in running complex custom hosting infrastructures for companies that require a high level of availability and online protection.

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Having your site hacked and infected with malware is the last thing you want trying to grow your business. On day-to-day basis we help many established business maintain secure online presence with our carefully crafter security protocols. Designed specifically to prevent and mitigate risks associated with the use of open-source software. Most popular targets as WordPress or Drupal websites.

Whatever your company’s security policies you can rest assured we can adjust our already paranoid level of security to suite your organization’s needs.

Once your site resides within our environments it will be continuously updated, monitored and backed up with monthly reports on vulnerabilities, updates and fixes performed by our team.