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Our Approach

Different Approach

EXPRE was set up to redefine the process of online presence creation and move away from the need for traditional web development, focusing on creativity, content, distribution and promotion.

Over the recent years, trends like responsive design, bootstrap, mobile first and many others, resulted in creation of a certain website standard, with primary differentiator being the quality and quantity of content being created. Effectively, many websites are beginning to look alike.

This coupled with an expediential growth in developer demand and cost, puts a huge emphasis on the creation of the medium, rather than its merit. Not to mention vast amounts of budgets sailing to nearshore or offshore outsourcing with zero benefit to the local economy.

Here, we set out to create a new breed of company; primarily based on tapping into plentiful underutilized UK based creative talent, lean learning and uncompromising drive to achieve.

Every single individual that works with us must strive for excellence, integrity and dedication. We believe that giving smart creatives means of expressing their passion in a progressive, challenging and fair environment is the key to achieving long-term commitment to service and by extension, our clients’ best interest.

Here, we set out on an exciting journey to transform how businesses create and distribute content online.