Welcome to our pricing page, where we aim to provide you with clear, competitive and comprehensive pricing details for our web agency services. We understand that every business has unique needs and budgets, so we’ve crafted a variety of packages to cater to every level of requirement, from startups to bespoke projects.


Our offering spans from starter to advanced and bespoke packages for both brand/business websites and e-commerce platforms. Each tier has been thoughtfully assembled to offer a powerful blend of design, development, and technical expertise, all with scalable pricing that aligns with your specific needs.

The cornerstone of our packages is their inclusivity. From domain registration, browser compatibility testing, to Google Analytic integration, and even CMS training, we’ve covered all the essentials. Furthermore, all our packages come with a complimentary first year of hosting, ensuring you enjoy a smooth and cost-effective start to your digital journey.

Additionally, we offer specialist services like responsive web design, platform migration, bespoke development, multi-language sites, and more. We’re here to listen to your requirements and develop an implementation plan that helps drive your business forward. We’re committed to transparency and clarity in our pricing, so all costs are outlined up-front, with no hidden charges. Remember, all prices exclude VAT.

Explore our packages below to find the best fit for your business.

Example Pricing


ServiceDescriptionDeliverablesPrice (GBP)
Consultation & StrategyInitial discussion to grasp client needs and frame the project.Project roadmap, stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis.£800-£1,600
Website Design & UXComprehensive wireframing, design, and user experience enhancement.High-fidelity mock-ups, user flow diagrams, interactive prototypes.£5,000 – £20,000
Development (Drupal/WordPress)Complete setup, bespoke modules/themes, and integrations.Custom CMS theme, integration modules, responsive web pages.£10,000 – £80,000
Development (Umbraco/SiteCore)Full setup, tailored modules/themes, and integrations.Enterprise-level modules, data integrations, performance tuning.£25,000 – £120,000
Content MigrationTransfer of extensive data and content to the new platform.Data mapping, error handling, batch processing.£2,000 – £20,000
Security Audit & ImplementationGuaranteeing your website is fortified against potential threats.Penetration testing, security patches, SSL encryption, monitoring.£5,000 – £30,000
Performance OptimisationAugmenting Core Web Vitals / site speed and responsivenessCDN setup, caching strategy, image optimisation.£5,000 – £20,000
Support & TrainingService Level Agreement, Coaching clients on CMS usage; continuous technical backing.Training materials, webinars, on demand premium support, training sessions.£5,000 – £40,000 / year
HostingPremium web hosting services, including high-availability, CDN, SSL, and dedicated Sysadmin resources.99.95% uptime guarantee, daily, weekly, monthly backups, 24/7 support.£300 – £2,500/month
Maintenance SLADevOps, ongoing software updates, backups, and uptime scrutiny.Daily/Weekly/Monthly updates and patching, emergency support, issue tracking.£500 – £4,000/month
SEO & Digital MarketingAI and Data-driven SEO Strategies to enhance online visibility and engagement.Keyword research, on-page optimisation, analytics reporting.£3,000 – £25,000
E-commerce Integration (Magento/Shopify)Integration of transactional capabilities with the website.Shopping cart setup, payment gateway integration, product management.£10,000 – £70,000+

We appreciate that each project has its own unique set of requirements and challenges. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand that pricing can vary considerably from one project to another. The cost of your project is determined by various factors such as the complexity of design, the number of pages, the level of bespoke development needed, and the specific features you want to implement. Our team will work closely with you to understand your precise needs and provide a tailored solution that fits your budget and goals. We’re committed to offering you transparent, competitive, and customised pricing, ensuring you receive the best possible value for your investment.



  • Domain registration
  • Browser compatibility testing
  • Motion included on home page
  • Google Maps integration
  • Email addresses same as website
  • Copyright and privacy policies, cookies policy
  • CMS training
  • Expert technical advice and support


  • Professional Royalty-Free Imagery
  • Social Media Channels Setup
  • Google Analytic Integration and Measurement Plan
  • On-page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Submit sitemap to Google
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • 7 Days / 4 Weeks / 6 Months data retention backup

Other Features Available

Responsive DesignEnsures the website looks and functions optimally on all device sizes.Fluid grids, flexible images, media query adjustments.
Content Management System (CMS)Allows clients to update website content without technical know-how.Customised CMS dashboard, user roles, content scheduling.
SEO-Ready StructureWebsite architecture and coding that’s optimised for search engines.Meta tags, clean URLs, sitemap generation, robots.txt.
SSL EncryptionSecures the website data transfer with encrypted protocols.SSL certificate installation, HTTPS redirection, secure lock display.
Speed OptimisationImproves loading speed of the website for better user experience.Browser caching, minified scripts, optimised images.
Analytics IntegrationAllows tracking of user behaviour and website performance metrics.Google Analytics setup, custom tracking, conversion goals.
Interactive FormsForms for user input, such as contact, feedback or registration.Form design, spam prevention, validation, submission notifications.
Social Media IntegrationConnects website to social media platforms for seamless sharing.Social share buttons, social feed display, login via social credentials.
Backup & RecoveryRegularly backs up website data and provides recovery options.Daily/weekly backups, one-click restore, off-site storage.
Newsletter IntegrationAllows collection of email addresses and newsletter dispatch.Email signup form, list segmentation, email templates.
Testimonials SectionShowcases client reviews and testimonials for credibility.Rotating testimonials, star ratings, user avatars.
Gallery & SlidersDisplays images in an attractive, interactive format.Lightbox gallery, carousel sliders, thumbnail navigation.
Blogging PlatformAllows for regular content updates through articles or news.Post categorisation, comments section, author profiles.
Video IntegrationEmbeds or self-hosts videos on the website.Responsive video player, thumbnail generation, video playlists.
Live ChatEnables real-time communication with website visitors.Chat widget, automated greetings, offline messages.
Custom 404 PageA customised error page to guide lost users back.Branded design, helpful links, search bar.
Search FunctionalityAllows users to easily find content within the website.Auto-suggestions, search filtering, search analytics.
Multi-language SupportProvides content in multiple languages for diverse audiences.Language switcher, automated translation, RTL support.
Accessibility FeaturesEnsures the website is usable for people with disabilities.Screen reader readiness, keyboard navigation, contrast adjustments.
Custom IconographyDistinctive icons to enhance website aesthetics and UX.SVG icons, retina-ready, themed design.
Test EnvironmentA duplicate of the live website for testing purposes.Staging site setup, version control, deployment strategy.
Member Login & ProfilesAllows users to register and maintain a profile on the website.Profile customisation, dashboard, password recovery.
E-commerce CapabilitiesPermits the selling of products or services directly on the website.Shopping cart, product pages, secure payment gateways.
Event CalendarDisplays upcoming events in an organised manner.Event categories, booking functionality, reminders.
API IntegrationsAllows third-party services to communicate with the website.Data fetch/display, third-party tool embeds, external notifications.
Feedback CollectionCollects user feedback for continuous improvement.Feedback forms, star ratings, suggestion boxes.

Responsive Web Design
Ensuring the perfect user experience on all browsers and devices.

Platform Migration
Seamless movement from your current platform. 

Development Process
Our tried and tested process for successful project delivery.

Tailor made integrations to meet your exact requirements.

    Security isn’t a feature or a product that can be bought, but a process.

    Rigorous testing standards to ensure quality control.

    Bespoke Development
    Customised modules to meet specific requirements with precision and excellence.


    Multi-site & languages
    Expand your business’s global presence by targeting diverse territories around the world.

    Listening to you requirements and developing a plan to implement.

    B2B Magento eCommerce
    Applications to manage your customer sales process online.

    Scaleable and secure managed hosting for your business.

    Our expert team is on hand to support your business.


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