Following a successful decade in bespoke web development, and as strong advocates for producing everything custom-built to specification, we started to notice our client’s tendency for adopting subscription-based cloud technologies.

With data from various sources confirming this as a trend among small to medium size businesses, we’ve decided to dig deeper. Websites are vastly becoming similar in structure, look and shape, with things like responsive design, speed and Google AMP becoming standard practice, as well as ranking factor for web delivery.

Whilst we could have attempted to replicate various Software as Service solution on our own, we’ve decided to take on a slightly different approach and adjust our course towards investing more time and efforts in learning everything there is to know about the likes of SquarespaceShopifyWixBigCommerceGoogleMicrosoft and Amazon Cloud, as well as many others.

Our aim is to gain unparalleled insight into the ins and outs of each platform, creating a knowledge base and somewhat ranking of the most suitable partnerships in terms of functionality versus price.

We did all this to bring a cloud consultancy offering which has one major advantage – the ease of setup. However, it’s also a major show stopper, as it encourages a “do it yourself” approach which being great in principle, may lead to things looking and working not as intended. For example, if a great stylist with the best intention, attempts to create his own website, results might be questionable.

That’s where we come in. Taking years of expertise in building great looking, engaging user experiences, as well as the relatively low development requirement, we can deliver sites in one-third of the time, and most likely, same saving in terms of cost.

Our unique Cloud Consultancy service allows you to use our research to choose the best platform, expedite your website creation through expertise of our cloud developers, and achieve new levels of productivity and cost efficiency, by comparison to hiring a web design agency or a freelancer and starting from scratch.

Another major point is the scalability of the site being on the cloud, no longer would you have to worry about your site being down, as there is a vast team of experts proactively working on the platform for thousands of clients, rather than one.

Whether you’re starting out or want progress on your existing website, our in-house team of experts can help you get on the cloud in days or weeks, and not months, and at a price you would not expect for a London-based agency.

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