Kambi approached EXPRE due to our track record in bespoke internal systems development and tasked us with creation of their new case study library based on the Drupal CMS. System had to have multiple levels of content accession permissions and be effortless to manage.


To create a bespoke user journey guiding the prospect through various case studies and allow sales team to personalize the content for each and individual customer. Utilize Drupal built-in functionality as well as super easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to allow easy content creation and management.


In under 2 months, we managed to create and launch a completely bespoke platform and onboard majority of the sales team. As expected, the platform managed to flawlessly aid the Kambi’s new business efforts and help deliver more curated and personalised content experience.






+46% to dwell time



Kambi is the leading supplier of online and land-based Sportsbooks to the regulated sports gambling and gaming industry.

Kambi Case Study Library
Kambi Case Study Library
Kambi Case Study Library
Kambi Case Study Library

Custom Case Study Library

We’ve created a bespoke work showcase  website with advanced multi level access and easy to use Drag and Drop content management 

  • Based on Drupal CMS
  • Time Based Invite Flow
  • Content Personalized to Prospects
  • Easy Content Creation with Drag & Drop


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Kambi Case Study Library


Kambi Case Study Library

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