There seems to be a lot of shared misapprehension across small and medium businesses regarding the “The Cloud” and “SaaS.”

To us, the speed of creativity and execution that drive fast learning and insights, outweighs the groundless security concerns.

Cloud, simply put, enables your business to grow and scale at a pace that others follow. Cloud is everywhere, from 88 billion Pokemon caught all the way to 125 million hours of Netflix watched daily.

Of course, there will occasionally be glitches, but that is true of any technology, and with this one, you can expect an army of engineers working day and night to resolve it…

Cloud is the biggest thing going on in IT right now; let’s address the misconceptions:

1. There is no control over data in the cloud – while industrial espionage isn’t a rare occurrence and can be a major threat to your business, keeping data in an on-premise silo doesn’t mean it’s safe.

2. Cloud migration is a hassle – it absolutely can be; we went through this process ourselves some years back, with no consultants versed in cloud migration. It was easier than it sounded, and now, having completed the same for numerous clients, it’s a breeze, not to mention a competitive advantage.

3. SaaS isn’t secure – typically big organisations have large teams and budgets dedicated to monitoring and tackling this issue alone, around the clock. According to SiliconAngle – 60% of businesses use cloud applications, could they be wrong?

4. Cloud vendor lock-in – majority of bigger cloud providers give easy migration instructions and tools to aid on-boarding. Additionally, with more cloud vendors broadly embracing open-source and container technology, cloud migrations are getting more pain free.

5. The cloud is not reliable – with Google having the highest availability of any cloud in 2016, you can experience the level of investment in the up time. And quite rightly, so, “when goes down, it loses $66,240 per minute” according to Forbes.