Top PR agency and a long-standing partner of EXPRE have engaged us to produce a brand-new website that fulfils three core objectives: impact, speed and simplicity.


Produce a minimal but bold user interface for the new site in line with the new brand. All while keeping technological focus on simplicity and performance. To create an easy-to-use, mobile speed optimized, top of the market user experience.


After the initial consultation we decided change the CMS to WordPress and working together with Brandnation’s design team achieved the final desired look. Built on WP interface and our knowledge around lighthouse testing, we’ve created super fast  website that had a very eye-catching and engaging design. Following the launch of the website the stats were pretty clear:

6 Months Engagement Change per Channel:

  • Paid Traffic +24.8%
  • Organic Traffic +41.57%
  • Direct Traffic +64.47% 
  • Social +31.12%
  • Overall enquiries +67.74%