For the last decade or more, marketers all over the world have been pondering which CMS platform to choose for their next project.

Should we go with a licensed platform or open-source, PHP or .NET. Perhaps a fully custom Python, Sharepoint or the new Dynamics 365 Portals is the next best choice. In many cases, these decisions are heavily influenced by the chosen technology partner. Solely dependent on the number of specialist developers the vendor has or partner commision model. Afterall who wants to make Bob redundant because he doesn’t know Django, Shopify, or Typo3.

In 2019 considerations matrix is even more complex. Apart from the usual, agencies and brands alike need to take new trends into account. Technologies like headless CMS, PWA/AMP hybrid websites, front-end editing, not to mention budget, integrations and the many, many colleagues and friends viewpoint. How can one actually have some certainty in their choice?

We took the liberty of collating our most recent internal and client discussions and put together a quick guide to CMS choice for the year ahead.