This is a quick practical guide to setting up your first proximity beacon

You will need:

  • Proximity beacon – you can get one here, or amazon
  • Computer – anything that runs Chrome
  • Google account
  • Android smartphone

  1. To begin Open Google Beacon Dashboard
  2. START by allowing the appropriate permissions​​​
  3. You will need to set up a new Google Cloud Platform project – click “create one”
  4. Agree with the terms and continue to Dashboard
  5. Create a new project, and once created, go back to the Beacon Dashboard and refresh the window​
  6. Select your newly created project
  7. Grab your phone and download the Google Beacon Tools app
  8. Select the Google account you’ve used to setup the Beacon Dashboard
  9. From the list of unregistered beacons, tap on the one you want to add to your account
  10. Click Register Beacon. If you get the 403-unauthorised message, be sure to select the project.
  11. Now go back to your computer and refresh the Beacon Dashboard
  12. By now, you should see the beacon 
  13. Now open your beacon and add a description
  14. Click View Details > Nearby Notification
  15. Set the title – your call to action (this will be visible to the end users)
  16. Set the Web URL (it must start with https://), add then remember to click Save
  17. Providing you have bluetooth and location enabled on your Android device – you can now enjoy your first Nearby notification