Ten Health & Fitness Website Report

Dive into this report for an arsenal of actionable insights. Inside: exclusive peronalised imporovments, speed optimisation hacks, SEO quick-wins, and compelling data-driven content strategy. Your digital leap forward, in a nutshell.

Ten Health & Fitness Website Report


Website Summary

Based on search results our AI analysed your site and provided top line comments about the site content indexed in Google.

Business Overview

  • Ten Health & Fitness specialises in Reformer Pilates, personal training, physiotherapy, and massage therapy, emphasising a holistic approach to health and fitness.
  • Their value proposition lies in offering expertly taught small group classes, personalised attention, and a wide range of health and fitness services to improve clients’ physical wellbeing.
  • The company operates several studios across London, catering to clients seeking a boutique fitness experience with a focus on quality and expertise.
  • Founded in 2007, Ten Health & Fitness has established itself as a leading provider in London’s boutique fitness market.

Market Outlook

  • The boutique fitness market is part of the broader health and wellness industry, characterised by premium services, specialised offerings, and a focus on customer experience.
  • This market has seen significant growth, driven by increasing consumer interest in personalised fitness and wellness programs.
  • Trends impacting the market include a growing emphasis on holistic health, the integration of technology in fitness, and a shift towards small group training for a more personalised experience.

Competitive Landscape

  • Ten Health & Fitness faces competition from other boutique studios offering Pilates, personal training, and wellness services, as well as from larger gym chains that are diversifying into specialised fitness classes.
  • The competitive edge for Ten Health & Fitness includes its focus on Reformer Pilates, a comprehensive range of health services, and the expertise of its trainers and therapists.

Customer Profile & Segmentation

  • Customers are typically health-conscious individuals seeking personalised, high-quality fitness and wellness services.
  • They value the expertise of instructors, the premium nature of the services, and the community aspect of boutique fitness studios.

Enhancing Ten Health & Fitness’s Digital Edge

To elevate Ten Health & Fitness’s position in London’s competitive boutique fitness market, we propose targeted digital enhancements based on our comprehensive website and market analysis:

  1. Keyword Optimisation: Prioritise content enrichment with common keywords to bridge content gaps, attracting more targeted traffic and enhancing search visibility.

  2. Speed Optimisation: Accelerate the very slow page load times through technical simple technical WordPress optimisation, improving user experience and search rankings, thereby reducing bounce rates.

  3. Backlink Acquisition: Strengthen domain authority by securing quality backlinks from esteemed health and fitness platforms, boosting SEO performance.

  4. Content Expansion: Diversify website content to work with Google Helpful Content Updates, engaging a wider audience and improving rankings.

  5. Competitive Insight: Adapt and innovate by closely monitoring and learning from competitors, ensuring we stay ahead in meeting our audience’s needs and preferences.

These strategic actions are designed to significantly boost Ten Health & Fitness’s online presence, driving organic growth and securing our leadership in the boutique fitness sector.


Content Gap

We are utilising data from SEO like Ahrefs to conduct a comprehensive analysis of top competing domains the content gap between your domain and its top 10 competitors.

Top 10 Competitors

The list is based on your website’s keywords and domains sharing similar keyword. Strategic business competitors list might different, however this list represents sites your content is currently competing against.

If you don’t recognise some or any of the names, it is likely you are  not ranking for the competitor keywords and should consider exploring this further to make sure you are not loosing out on relevant traffic due to a content gap.


DomainRankCompetitor’s KeywordsCommon KeywordsShareCurrent Traffic

Top 5 Detailed Actions to Maximise Organic Traffic

Here are the five most important detailed actions to increase organic traffic:

  1. Optimise for common keywords as they are shared across competitors, ensuring that our website’s content includes these terms to improve relevance and ranking in search engine results.
  2. Focus on increasing the domain rating (DR) as higher DR is associated with better search performance; this can be achieved through quality backlink acquisition strategies.
  3. Develop and expand website content to include a greater number of pages, as competitors with more pages tend to have higher traffic, indicating the importance of a larger site footprint.
  4. Analyse competitors with significant traffic value change to understand which strategies are leading to higher traffic value and apply similar tactics to our website.
  5. Track and compare traffic change over time to identify trends and successful traffic acquisition strategies employed by competitors, then adapt these for our own use.


Common keywords – Possible Content Gap



Example Keyword: reformer pilates

RankContent scoreResultWord count

https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/beauty/fitness-we…Reformer Pilates explained: how it can work for you


https://www.today.com/health/diet-fitness/reformer…What Is Reformer Pilates? How To Do The Low-Impact …


https://www.verywellfit.com/the-amazing-pilates-re…What is the Pilates Reformer: Benefits and How To Use


https://www.womenshealthmag.com/uk/fitness/workout…Reformer Pilates: 19 best classes in the UK, benefits + more


https://reformerstudio.co.uk/The Reformer Studio


Your Site:


https://www.ten.co.uk/services/pilates/class-begin…Beginners Reformer Pilates Classes in London



Top 5 Quick Wins

We run your site through Google PageSpeed Insights and evaluated the performance of a web page on both mobile and desktop devices, here are the biggest gains and suggestions on how to improve page load times.


Top 5 Considerations for Website Speed

URL: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https://ten.co.uk/

Based on the performance analysis data, here are the five most important actions to be taken to gain the most speed for the website:

  1. Reduce JavaScript Execution Time (8.1 s): This is crucial as JavaScript execution significantly impacts a site’s load time and interactivity. By optimising or deferring the execution of JavaScript, you can improve the First Contentful Paint (FCP) and Interaction to Next Paint (INP), leading to a more responsive site.

  2. Minimize Main-Thread Work (10.9 s): The main thread is responsible for parsing HTML, executing JavaScript, and rendering the page. By reducing the work done on the main thread, you can lower the Time to First Byte (TTFB) and speed up the overall rendering process.

  3. Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources (Potential savings of 1,650 ms): Resources that block rendering (like CSS and JavaScript) should be optimised. This can be achieved by deferring non-critical resources, inlining critical CSS, and asynchronously loading scripts. This will directly improve the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and Speed Index (SI).

  4. Reduce the Impact of Third-Party Code (Third-party code blocked the main thread for 3,850 ms): Third-party scripts can significantly slow down your website. By auditing and removing unnecessary third-party scripts, deferring loading of non-essential scripts, or lazy-loading features, you can reduce the Total Blocking Time (TBT) and improve site speed.

  5. Avoid an Excessive DOM Size (2,070 elements): A large DOM can increase memory usage, cause longer style calculations, and slow down the script execution time. By simplifying the page structure, removing unused elements, and optimising CSS selectors, you can decrease the load time and improve the site’s interactivity metrics such as First Input Delay (FID).

Additionally, addressing the diagnostics like avoiding enormous network payloads, reducing the impact of third-party code, and minimizing main-thread work can further enhance the website’s performance. These actions focus on optimizing content delivery and resource utilization, crucial for improving the website’s loading speed and user experience.



Issues to fix

Analysing current on page SEO here’s a list of top issues which should be addressed

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Main Site

SEO SCORE 67/100

HIGHAim for a Largest Contentful Paint duration of 2.5 seconds or less.
HIGHMinify all CSS files to ensure faster loading times and better performance.
HIGHAvoid URL parameters and use hyphens to separate words in the URL structure.
HIGHInclude common keywords in the title tag, meta description, and heading tags.
HIGHUse H1 and H2 tags to improve search engine visibility and ranking.
HIGHEliminate any render-blocking resources to improve the website experience.
HIGHEnsure pages load in less than 5 seconds to prevent losing up to 50% of visitors.
HIGHReduce the HTML size to improve loading times and retain visitors.
MEDIUMAim for a First Contentful Paint value of 1.8 seconds or less.
MEDIUMAim for a Time To First Byte value of 0.8 seconds or less.
MEDIUMReduce the Document Object Model (DOM) size for faster page loading times.
MEDIUMServe properly sized images to reduce loading times and improve user experience.




Issue NameIssue TypeIssue PriorityURLs % of TotalDescriptionHow To Fix
Canonicals: CanonicalisedWarningHigh39.54Pages that have a canonical to a different URL.Review to ensure correct URL consolidation.
Canonicals: Non-Indexable CanonicalIssueHigh2.96Pages with a canonical URL that is non-indexable.Ensure canonical URLs are to accurate indexable pages.
Response Codes: Internal Client Error (4xx)IssueHigh2.16Internal URLs with a client-side error.Resolve to 200 ‘OK’ URLs or redirect appropriately.
Directives: NoindexWarningHigh1.98URLs with a ‘noindex’ directive.Review and remove ‘noindex’ if pages should be indexed.
Pagination: Non-IndexableWarningHigh1.38The paginated URL is non-indexable.Ensure paginated URLs are to canonical, indexable pages.
Directives: NofollowWarningHigh1.68URLs with a ‘nofollow’ directive.Review and consider removing ‘nofollow’ if inappropriate.
Response Codes: Internal Blocked by Robots.txtWarningHigh1.08Internal URLs blocked by robots.txt.Review and update robots.txt if blocking is incorrect.
Security: HTTP URLsIssueHigh0.02HTTP URLs that are encountered in the crawl.Ensure all URLs are secure over HTTPS.
Links: Pages Without Internal OutlinksWarningHigh0.1Pages without links to other internal pages.Review and add internal links or update JavaScript handling.
Pagination: Non-200 Pagination URLsIssueHigh0.1URLs in rel=”next” and rel=”prev” that do not respond with a 200 ‘OK’.Ensure paginated URLs respond correctly with a 200 status.


External Review

We analysed your environments to check for any common problems.


List of security assessment results and recommendations following a external preliminary Vulnerability Scan.

Test DescriptionVulnerabilityRisk LevelRecommendation
contact-form-7 5.8.3 Plugin UpdateOutdated PluginMediumUpdate to the latest release (5.8.7) from contactform7.com
simple-social-icons 3.2.2 Plugin UpdateOutdated PluginMediumUpdate to the latest release (3.2.4) from wordpress.org
widget-google-reviews 3.0 Plugin UpdateOutdated PluginMediumUpdate to the latest release (3.4) from richplugins.com
w3-total-cache 2.6.0 Plugin UpdateOutdated PluginMediumUpdate to the latest release (2.6.1) from boldgrid.com
wordpress-seo 21.5 Plugin UpdateOutdated PluginMediumUpdate to the latest release (21.9.1) from yoa.st


Please note that these results are preliminary and may contain false positives.


Shared Hosting NOT Detected

List of domains hosted on the same server:

This table includes the domain names and their last resolved dates, extracted from the provided data. The full data contains 1 domains, but only a few are shown here for brevity.

DomainLast Resolved Date

In the context of web hosting, particularly for businesses, opting for dedicated hosting can be a significant decision. Dedicated hosting provides an exclusive server for a single client, which means that the client does not share the server’s resources with any other users. This exclusivity can lead to enhanced performance, security, and control—factors that are crucial for businesses that rely on their online presence for operations and revenue.

The importance of dedicated hosting for business reasons includes:

  1. Performance: With dedicated hosting, businesses can expect improved website loading times due to the availability of dedicated resources. This can be particularly important for sites that experience high traffic volumes or require significant processing power.
  2. Security: Dedicated servers can offer stronger security measures since the business has complete control over the server’s security protocols. This can be critical for companies that handle sensitive data.
  3. CustomiSation: Businesses have the flexibility to customise the server environment to their specific needs, including the operating system, software, and configurations.
  4. Reliability: Since the server is not shared, there are fewer chances of downtime caused by other websites’ traffic spikes or technical issues.

On the other hand, shared hosting, where multiple clients share the resources of a single server, can pose several risks:

  1. Resource Limitation: Websites on shared hosting may experience slower performance due to the shared resources among numerous clients.
  2. Security Concerns: If one website on a shared server is compromised, there is a potential risk for other sites on the same server to be affected.
  3. Limited Control: Clients have limited ability to install custom software or make server configuration changes, which can be restrictive for businesses with specific needs.
  4. IP Blacklisting: If one of the websites on a shared server engages in malicious or spammy behavior, it could lead to the server’s IP being blacklisted, affecting all websites hosted on that server.

Search engines and web services may consider the type of hosting as a factor when assessing a website’s credibility and reliability. While dedicated hosting is generally not directly referenced as a ranking factor by major search engines like Google, the indirect benefits such as faster loading times, better uptime, and enhanced security can contribute positively to SEO rankings.