Delivery Group Report

Dive into this report for an arsenal of actionable insights. Inside: exclusive peronalised imporovments, speed optimisation hacks, SEO quick-wins, and compelling data-driven content strategy. Your digital leap forward, in a nutshell.


Website Summary

Based on search results our AI analysed your site and provided top line comments about the site.

Overview of

The Delivery Group’s website,, presents a comprehensive overview of their services in the realm of managed mail and parcel delivery. Here’s a concise overview of the key aspects of their website:

  1. General Overview:

    • The Delivery Group specialises in mail distribution services, operating both nationally and internationally. They cater to a wide range of clients, including large corporations and SMEs, providing flexible, tailored solutions​.
    • They emphasise a new approach to e-commerce and specialist mail distribution, indicating a focus on innovation and adapting to modern logistics challenges​​.
  2. Range of Services:

    • Their services are categorised into four main areas: Post, Packets & Parcels, Pallets, and Special Services. This structure simplifies the understanding of their wide array of offerings​​.
    • They offer hand delivery and international courier services, covering all sizes of parcels and catering to global delivery needs​​.
  3. Specific Service Features:

    • Post Services: Involves delivering letters, large letters, and parcels both nationally and internationally, with high-speed automated sortation to enhance accuracy and efficiency​​.
    • Packets and Parcels: Tailored for online traders and multichannel retailers, featuring tracking throughout their network, flexible collection times, and support during peak times​​.
    • Pallets: Focused on timely and condition-specific delivery of pallets internationally, with options for time-specific delivery and tracking from pick up to delivery​​.
    • Special Services: Includes managed mail for postal charge savings, same-day courier services across European cities, and specific postal hand delivery within London​​.
  4. Commitment to Customers:

    • They highlight their continued investment in technology and automation, contributing to exceptional value and leading customer service standards​​.
    • The Delivery Group boasts of delivering over a billion items a year, with each customer having access to a dedicated account manager, underlining their commitment to personalised and efficient service​​.

The website efficiently communicates The Delivery Group’s expansive services and commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the domain of mail and parcel delivery.


Content Gap

We are utilising data from SEO like Ahrefs to conduct a comprehensive analysis of top competing domains the content gap between your domain and its top 10 competitors.

Top 5 Detailed Actions to Maximise Organic Traffic

Here are the five most important detailed actions to increase organic traffic:

  1. Enhance On-Page SEO: Analyse for their use of common keywords and emulate their approach by incorporating similar keywords into your site’s metadata and content to increase shared traffic.
  2. Content Diversification: Considering has a high share percentage (939%), create diverse content that addresses the same range of topics, but with a unique angle or additional value to attract a similar audience.
  3. Site Structure Optimisation: Examine for their site structure, given their significant positive traffic change. Implement improvements to your own site structure, such as simplified navigation and enhanced internal linking, to facilitate better user experience and crawlability.
  4. Technical SEO and User Experience: Given that shows a positive traffic change, it’s essential to perform a technical SEO audit to identify and fix any crawl errors, speed issues, or mobile usability problems that could be hindering your site’s performance.
  5. Backlink Profile Enhancement: Analyse backlink profile. They have a high Domain Rating (DR) despite a negative traffic change. Strengthen your backlink strategy by acquiring quality backlinks from authoritative domains within your industry.

Top 10 Competitors

DomainCompetitor’s KeywordsCommon KeywordsShareDRTraffic ChangeCurrent # of Pages


Top 5 Quick Wins

We run your site through Google PageSpeed Insights and evaluated the performance of a web page on both mobile and desktop devices, here are the biggest gains and suggestions on how to improve page load times.



To enhance the speed and performance of your website, the following actions, highlighted from the data provided, should be prioritised:

  1. Reduce Unused JavaScript:

    • Estimated Savings: 1.65s. Reducing the amount of unused JavaScript can significantly decrease load times, as JavaScript can be heavy and complex, impacting performance.
  2. Eliminate Render-Blocking Resources:

    • Estimated Savings: 1.24s. Render-blocking resources, like certain CSS and JavaScript, delay the rendering of your page. Optimising these resources will speed up the time to first render.
  3. Reduce Unused CSS:

    • Estimated Savings: 0.33s. Similar to JavaScript, unnecessary CSS can slow down your page. Streamlining your CSS to remove unused styles will contribute to faster load times.
  4. Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats:

    • Estimated Savings: 0.17s. Using modern image formats like WebP can provide better compression and quality, reducing load time for image-heavy pages.
  5. OptimiSe Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) Element:

    • Largest Contentful Paint element: 8,240 ms. The LCP metric measures the time taken for the largest content element in the viewport to become visible. Optimising this element, which could be an image or a block of text, can significantly improve load time.

Focusing on these areas will address the critical factors impacting the speed and performance of your website, leading to a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

URLPerformance Score

























Issues to fix

Analysing current on page SEO here’s a list of top issues which should be addressed

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Main Site – SEO SCORE 80/100

HIGHAvoid URL parameters and use hyphens to separate words in URL structure.
HIGHInclude common keywords in the title tag, meta description, and heading tags.
HIGHAdd a meta description tag for a brief summary of the page’s content.
HIGHEliminate render-blocking resources to improve website experience.
MEDIUMResolve JavaScript errors to enhance user experience.
MEDIUMServe properly sized images to reduce page loading times.
MEDIUMAdd “rel=noopener” or “rel=noreferrer” to “target=_blank” links for security.
LOWResolve errors in Chrome DevTools Console to improve user experience.
LOWAdd Strict-Transport-Security header for encrypted web traffic.
LOWLimit HTTP requests on a webpage to fewer than 20 to improve loading time.
LOWMove inline CSS styles to an external stylesheet for better performance.


Issue NameIssue TypeIssue PriorityURLs% of TotalDescriptionHow To Fix
Security: Missing Content-Security-Policy HeaderWarningLow72697.58%URLs missing the Content-Security-Policy header.Set a strict Content-Security-Policy header.
Security: Missing Secure Referrer-Policy HeaderWarningLow72697.58%URLs missing ‘no-referrer-when-downgrade’ or ‘strict-origin-when-cross-origin’ policies.Set a referrer policy of strict-origin-when-cross-origin.
Links: Internal Outlinks With No Anchor TextOpportunityLow32698.79%Pages with internal links lacking anchor text.Include useful and descriptive anchor text.
Security: Unsafe Cross-Origin LinksWarningLow32543.68%URLs with target=”_blank” without rel=”noopener”.Add rel=”noopener” to target=”_blank” links.
Security: Missing X-Content-Type-Options HeaderWarningLow72697.58%URLs missing ‘X-Content-Type-Options’ header.Set X-Content-Type-Options header to ‘nosniff’.
Security: Missing HSTS HeaderWarningLow72697.58%URLs missing the HSTS response header.Use HSTS header across all pages.
Meta Description: MissingOpportunityLow11534.85%Pages missing a meta description.Write unique and descriptive meta descriptions.
Page Titles: Over 60 CharactersOpportunityMedium11936.06%Page titles exceeding the limit.Write concise page titles.
Images: Over 100 KBOpportunityMedium12438.75%Large images over 100 KB.Optimise images with compression.
Page Titles: Over 561 PixelsOpportunityMedium10030.3%Page titles over Google’s pixel limit.Write concise page titles.


External Review

We analysed your environments to check for any common problems.

Shared Hosting Detected

List of domains hosted on the same server:

This table includes the domain names and their last resolved dates, extracted from the provided data. The full data contains 78 domains, but only a few are shown here for brevity.

Domain NameLast Resolved

In the context of web hosting, particularly for businesses, opting for dedicated hosting can be a significant decision. Dedicated hosting provides an exclusive server for a single client, which means that the client does not share the server’s resources with any other users. This exclusivity can lead to enhanced performance, security, and control—factors that are crucial for businesses that rely on their online presence for operations and revenue.

The importance of dedicated hosting for business reasons includes:

  1. Performance: With dedicated hosting, businesses can expect improved website loading times due to the availability of dedicated resources. This can be particularly important for sites that experience high traffic volumes or require significant processing power.
  2. Security: Dedicated servers can offer stronger security measures since the business has complete control over the server’s security protocols. This can be critical for companies that handle sensitive data.
  3. CustomiSation: Businesses have the flexibility to customise the server environment to their specific needs, including the operating system, software, and configurations.
  4. Reliability: Since the server is not shared, there are fewer chances of downtime caused by other websites’ traffic spikes or technical issues.

On the other hand, shared hosting, where multiple clients share the resources of a single server, can pose several risks:

  1. Resource Limitation: Websites on shared hosting may experience slower performance due to the shared resources among numerous clients.
  2. Security Concerns: If one website on a shared server is compromised, there is a potential risk for other sites on the same server to be affected.
  3. Limited Control: Clients have limited ability to install custom software or make server configuration changes, which can be restrictive for businesses with specific needs.
  4. IP Blacklisting: If one of the websites on a shared server engages in malicious or spammy behavior, it could lead to the server’s IP being blacklisted, affecting all websites hosted on that server.

Search engines and web services may consider the type of hosting as a factor when assessing a website’s credibility and reliability. While dedicated hosting is generally not directly referenced as a ranking factor by major search engines like Google, the indirect benefits such as faster loading times, better uptime, and enhanced security can contribute positively to SEO rankings.